Welcome to the first edition of The Weekly SEO! 😀 Matt and I will be sharing what we think are the best posts from each week, so you can keep up-to-date with changes in the industry and new ways of optimisation for search engines.

It's been a busy one recently in the World of SEO. Rumours of a Core Broad algorithm update were confirmed by Google last week, with some webmasters reporting a 30-40% decrease in traffic overnight. Yikes! 😮

Google has also updated their Search Quality Rater Guidelines, now placing a greater emphasis on the reputation of the author, as well as the purpose of the content for a user. I'm always intrigued by the Rater Guidelines, as it's one of the very few pieces of information we have from Google which describes how they evaluate websites. If human checkers are evaluating in this way, I'm sure they'll be feeding this criteria into their algorithm.

Andrew Charlton

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