I travelled down to London last week for SearchLove, which was my second time at the conference. It's such a brilliantly run event, with the best in the industry delivering their insight, with practicality. There seemed a central theme running through the event this year, in that we can't just consider ourselves SEO's anymore; the practice of SEO has evolved from that. Tom Capper in his presentation 'The Two-Tiered SERP' found that the correlation between domain authority and rankings for competitive head terms in the top 5 SERPS is diminishing. Instead, Google is using brand and UX signals as a way of identifying the most appropriate results to rank.

What do we do, when satisfying a set of speculated ranking factors, isn't enough? Work outside of the scope of SEO; invest in brand, superior user experience, and product. In my Post of the Week, Jono Alderson sums this up fantastically, and contemplates what the future looks like...

Andrew Charlton

Post of the Week