Hi there πŸ‘‹

We're back with a BANG for 2021 with some great pieces of content!

I've been busy trying to manage freelance SEO consulting around a newborn and working out what fun things I can get up to this year. 🍼

Just to add more work onto my plate, I've decided to pre-launch my new 'Forecasting for SEO' course on Twitter next week, so keep an eye out - I'm super excited. It'll be a video course on everything I've learned, tried and tested over the last several years on forecasting. πŸ”­

On to my Post of the Week... This one is by Andrea Volpini of WordLift on the cool things they've been getting up to with GPT-3. They've released some AI tools as an experiment to a select number of users, where you can create automated page titles, meta descriptions, FAQs and content outlines with simple keyword inputs.

Automation like this seem inevitable in the future, as an easier path for unique, content inspiration. What do you think?

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