Is SEO dead? I’m not sure whether Halloween is on everyone’s mind or the classic “what to expect in SEO next year” posts are starting to appear in my newsfeed, but beyond the outlandish statement, these blogs seem to be hitting a chord this time around.

Just to clarify - I don’t believe SEO is going to be dead anytime soon, but it’d be naive to think its role isn’t changing more than it ever has before.

Andrew has touched on the topic in the past few issues. In the B2B world, I’m seeing its role changing even more. Forward thinkers in the B2B sphere are realising that offline channels (think events and PR) are increasingly influencing SERP’s, traffic and any revenue that is attributed to their online efforts.

If you’ve ever wondered why an old-school software vendor with a poorly optimised site is sitting pretty in #1, it’s pretty evident that it's not their SEO efforts that have got them there.

With Google's algorithm becoming more sophisticated and its understanding of “brands” improving, perhaps your 2019 planning needs to think beyond subtle on-site optimisation if you’re wanting to have a significant impact.

Fingers crossed some of this weeks content will help get you started.

Matthew Jones

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