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I stumbled upon a great article last week (which is my Post of the Week) from the team at SISTRIX. Competitive analysis in SEO can be challenging and most audits I see take a very simplistic view of competition. Either from who the business thinks is their competition or a quick export from third party SEO tools.

This is fine but it assumes they all compete in the same single area of the market. They don't. There are various submarkets, and you should know your relative visibility in each submarket to better understand opportunity.

Researchers from Goethe University Frankfurt & the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) are designing market maps to do just that.

In SISTRIX's latest article, they show how researchers used SISTRIX data to create a 2d map of the 'Retail Banking' market.

They used NLP and unsupervised machine learning to identify submarkets based on search result data.

The map, which represents websites as dots, shows strongly competing providers appearing close together, while poorly competing providers are further apart. You can see the interactive 2d map here.

This is absolutely fascinating. The concept of visualising search markets and their respective submarkets can not only be used to identify opportunities but to tell a clearer story with data. A must read πŸ”₯

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