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For the first time I've been playing with GPT-3 in a meaningful way to support with page title creation, unique angles for content and to automate parts of my content briefs.

Check out my recent Linkedin post that was all written using GPT-3. Rather unnerving! But GPT-3 articulated it better than I can, "A symbiotic relationship between automation and human creativity can lead to more powerful work. 🤖"

For, what I believe is the first time, my Post of the Week is another newsletter! If you're not already subscribed to Tom Critchlow's The SEO MBA, please go do it now. He's just released what I think is his best yet on mindset shifts for strategic SEO. I'll leave you with an extract:

"I dislike the word audit and everything it stands for - and one of the reasons is that it anchors us to a binary definition of broken and fixed."

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