I started this whole thing up a couple of month's back as there just wasn't many people curating high-quality content within our industry. It also helped me keep up to date with interesting new ways of doing things, and learn a trick or two. In that time, I've refrained from being overly self-promotional but today I'm hopefully not going to annoy too many people by using the platform to launch something exciting Matt and I have been working on 😄

I've been experimenting with machine learning and string matching algorithms lately to develop a more efficient process for building redirect maps. After a hundred or so scripts later, we finally came up with Redirect Ranger an ML-powered redirect manager, that aims to save the industry from migration misery. Our redirect maps are also quality reviewed by humans 👁️ to make sure they're all relevant. If you're interesting in hearing some more, get in touch at

Now, onto the links...

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