Hi there πŸ‘‹

Another month, another core algorithm update. I've definitely felt this one across some of my sites 😬

I'm sure we'll have a lot of analysis on the update come next week's issue!

Last week I decided to drop part of my SEO forecasting template (from my course) for free. It includes a simple linear regression + seasonality model and additive Holt-Winters model. I use it A LOT, so hopefully it will come in useful! πŸ“ˆ

My Post of the Week is from the brilliant JR Oakes, and it's centred around an important topic you don't seem to hear a lot about: server migrations. The article provides everything you'll need to track across 4 key stages: 1. Prep 2. Sandbox/Staging Environment 3. Migration and 4. Post-Migration.

A must read πŸ”₯

Until next week!

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