Hi there 👋,

Congrats to everyone who presented at BrightonSEO last week, there were some great presentations! 🔥

As usual, SiteVisibility has done a great job of curating all of the available slides from across the two days - and I'm sure there'll be more to come!

Google seems to be getting better at transparency (other than their vagueness around core algorithm updates perhaps). They're publishing more and more advanced SEO guides their search advocates and writers are pretty open on Twitter.

In this issue, I've featured quite a few of their articles but the one that stands out is their latest update (US only) of including more information on factors influencing a search result. I'm doubtful...but I really hope we can use this information to understand some more about why particular results rank. If you've got some examples in the US, please send them my way! 😊

Until next week!

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