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This week I've honed in on a recent page title update from Google. Google has been modifying page titles for quite some time, so this is nothing new per se, but it seems a lot more aggressive. It's difficult to see whether this is a positive or negative change just yet, but the SEO community has jumped on some weird and wonderful examples. For example, changing 'President Joe Biden' to 'Vice President Joe Biden' - whoops.

I'm likely going to be creating a Google Sheets script in the next week or so where you can see whether your own page titles have changed. That means you'll be able to have some level of visibility over it.

My Post of the Week is by Lazarina Stoy who I'm continually impressed by. She has built an amazing Data Studio dashboard that takes data from Semrush or Ahrefs and groups keywords by search intent. It looks great too! 🔥

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