Hi there 👋,

Following last week's update by Google on title tags, which are now being more aggressively changed algorithmically than ever before, I decided to launch a Google Sheets script to check your title tags vs how Google was displaying them. You can get 600 free requests per month.

I'll likely be updating the script this week to also include meta descriptions, as well as timestamps (an edit which someone kindly shared with me on Twitter).

My Post of the Week is the most recent article from Tom Critchlow and The SEO MBA. The article highlights the differences between 'problem solving consulting and capacity building consulting' and emphasises why you should shift to a capacity building mindset for SEO success. He sums it up brilliantly in his concluding paragraph:

"Problem solving has its place but the most successful projects I’ve worked on are where I’ve been able to reign in my instinct to solve problems and instead worked to help the organization see key SEO initiatives as inherently valuable and invest in new systems and new capacity to work on them."

Until next week!

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