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Did you watch Google's Search On event? If you missed it you can view the recording here.

It was fascinating! The event highlighted Google's advances in AI and how it is going to enable entirely new ways to search. From things like searching visually alongside inputting questions about what you see. And new ways to broaden and refine searches.

Redesigning search features to include more features is good and bad news for SEOs. The more features Google displays, the easier it is to extract them, and infer intent and topics. It could also continue to keep users within Google's environment and encourage zero-click searches.

My Post of the Week is another by Tom Critchlow. It's all about how you can use surveys to increase executive buy-in, particularly when things are hard to measure. He also uses some great personal examples!

I liked this quote:

"I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tried to convince clients to invest in content quality. Of course - the failure is all mine."

We should accept more responsibility as SEOs. It's our job to convince people to act.

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