Well..I had a bloody fabulous time at the UK Search Awards on Thursday. Although we lost out to some great campaigns and people, the organisation of the event was impeccable, and I had such a laugh!

Enough about me. There's a lot of great links this week from some usual suspects. The post by Glenn Gabe on proxy metrics for user engagement and content quality, is super important I think. We often hear 'build quality content' branded about, but it's subjective bullshit without understanding intent, and building a framework to measure it.

As a basic example, if we have a mortgage calculator and a guide about getting your first mortgage, content quality will have to be defined individually, and thus measured in different ways. For the guide, scroll depth tracking could be a good way to measure how users engage with the content, and an indicative metric of value. For the mortgage calculator, understanding whether visitors fully use the calculator, or take action after using the calculator may be more important.

If your definition of content quality is the same for everything, which I often see, ie. 'we need to add more words onto the page' - you'll end up with a 500 word intro for a mortgage calculator nobody can see above-the-fold.

Ramble, ramble. Show me the links...

Andrew Charlton

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