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Google is publishing changes to make it easier for users to know which information is credible or not. It's also investing $10 million to help fight misinformation about the realities and facts of the war in Ukraine.

Last week they announced that they're releasing a series of 'fact-check' features, including a new label for highly cited sources in Top Stories to help elevate original reporting. Really cool idea! They're even releasing a Fact Check Explorer to search 150,000 fact checks from reputable publishers from around the world.

Ah man, I just love my Post of the Week; Managing Expectations by finding Good Comparisons by Tom Critchlow. This is the exact same approach we use in everyone of our Roadmaps. How can you use comparisons to set expectations, and influence?

"Finding a good analog, a good comparison, allows you to manage expectations." A comparison doesn't need to be a direct competitor, but it does need to be useful. Think of websites that are a similar size, or similar resources, industry, launch date...

Tom also mentions a concept he's coined called 'believable big numbers'. These are growth estimates, justified with appropriate comparisons, with a believable big number over a 1-2 year time horizon to influence executive decision making. Love it! 🔥

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