There's an article I've featured this week which really caught my attention. Although it was published in September, I've only just stumbled upon it. The somewhat boringly titled '3 Ways to Make Your Research Better Today' is so much more than that. It's what we do for all of our clients, solve problems (sometimes 😉). I've been working in SEO for some time now, and I think while most of us are natural problem solvers, it usually comes without a process or framework; it's inconsistent.

The author uses the This McKinsey framework as steps to solve a business problem and then deconstructs a problem using issue trees and MECE. I've seen this before on the Distilled blog, which should add some SEO context to this. Breaking down problems and exhausting all angles, helps add confidence to the recommendations we're proposing. This also makes consulting a whole lot easier, right? You can let clients know where you are in the problem solving process, and justify why you're not going down particular routes.

Add more structure to your problem solving.

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