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So if you hadn't noticed, I'm a lil obsessed with GPT-3 and in fact all of OpenAI's recent developments (like DALL·E 2). For every example of churn and burn AI sites that are effectively manipulating search results with poor content (but are still interesting to analyse nonetheless), there is an example of how it can be used in a useful supporting role.

For example, I used GPT-3 at scale to provide me with internal linking ideas across categories that don't necessarily sit in the same hierarchy, but are useful for a user's secondary intent. Eg. I want this thing, but I might also need this other thing.

See some examples here.

My Post of the Week by Vincent Terrasi is a series of experiments with OpenAI's GPT-3. See how it scored 16/20 on BrightEdge's SEO quiz, as well as adding relevant internal links and headings to articles. 😲

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