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It's been a week of new search engines! Ahrefs is investing $60 million of its own resources into a new search engine, 'Yep', and Apple is rumoured to be releasing their own search engine.

It's always going be tough for a new search engine. A new entrant needs to have a fundamentally better experience than Google. Ahrefs' proposition is interesting, "a 90/10 profit share business model where 90% of advertising profits are paid directly to creators" but it will need more than that to appeal directly to users.

I'm super excited by these developments though, are you?

My Post of the Week is fantastic article by Brodie Clark on Google Image Thumbnails. He provides detail on the various types of image thumbnails, qualifying criteria for thumbnail issues, as well as influential factors on image thumbnails.

Brilliant research by Brodie with a lot of useful takeaways. πŸ‘

Until next week!

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