Hi there 👋,

Couple of things happened last week... I'm halfway through Paternity (I'm sleeping well thanks for asking 😴), and my SEO consultancy, Crawl is 1 years old 🎉

In the industry, we had something not so nice go down. Olga Zarzeczna, who shares so much valuable content, and is regularly featured on this newsletter, had her content stolen and added to a book with no credit! See the full article and video on what happened here.

This is one of the worst examples I've seen but It's so disappointing and frustrating that this keeps happening, and it needs called out! 😡

My post of the Week is an amazing (and much needed) Streamlit app by Charly Wargnier. The Google Search Console UI limits exports to 1,000 rows. This app bypasses that limit, and you can export up to 25,000 rows (more if you fork the code), as well as using advanced filters. 🔥🔥🔥

Until next week!

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