Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄

One of the most common obstacles in any SEO strategy I've worked on is that the client can't implement what I'm recommending. This happens for various reasons; their legacy CMS breaks every time you touch it, they have long development queues and SEO is at the back of the line, or it's just too bloody expensive.

This is very frustrating, we need a workaround, and we've got one; Edge SEO. 👋

I first started reading about Edge SEO in a post in 2017 by Jono Alderson called 'Blurring the Line Between CDN and CMS' which introduced Cloudflare's latest feature, Cloudflare Workers. This allows you to make development changes on your servers such as adding hreflang tags, redirects, and noindex tags, without having to integrate into existing website logic. Since Cloudflare has an API, it's recently surfaced that some guys, including the author of our Post of the Week, have created 'meta CMS's' which make the implementation of this a whole lot easier if you're a non-techy.

Check out our Post of the Week by the very smart Dan Taylor, which introduces Edge SEO some more, and should definitely get you excited for the state of SEO in 2019.

Andrew Charlton