Hi there πŸ‘‹,

Another week, another update. Give us a chance, Google!

In fact, it's been two for the price of one, with a core algorithm rollout, closely followed by a product reviews update. You can see the timeline of updates here.

If rollouts overlap like this, it becomes very difficult to pinpoint causality. Perhaps that's what Google wants?

Moving on to my Post of the Week...more great work from Adam Gent and The SEO Sprint newsletter. In his article, why SEO is a language problem, he talks about how critical it is to get on the same page - to have a common language around key concepts or ideas.

He also provides some examples of how to develop a common language, including to "start with the end in mind". ie. align on outcomes, before breaking down the stages that you need to go through to achieve it.

Adam is a smart πŸͺ and this is fast becoming one of my favourite newsletters.

Until next week!

Andrew Charlton

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