Hi there 👋,

Last week I finally got to release Keywords in Sheets $1 trial, new pricing and flexible credits. For a non-developer like me who's learning on the job, this has taken so long to implement!

(and actually when I pushed it live, there was a bug that affected 3,000+ users for days. DOH. 🤦‍♂️)

It now means I can carry on creating new functions and free tools - some of which are hopefully being released this week (including rank tracking in Sheets). 🙌

My Post of the Week is from Rand. He has talked frequently about 'hard-to-measure' channels and how business leaders typically refuse to invest in them because it's difficult to determine ROI. In this article he describes a framework for approximately measuring uplifts across the marketing funnel. There's also a detailed step-by-step guide on fitting the specifics into your organisation, which I think is pretty cool too!

As most channels become increasingly 'hard-to-measure' as analytics platforms make them so, I think Rand is ahead of the curve here. You ought to think about this stuff and build it into your thinking going-forward - there'll likely be a time in the near future you'll need to get buy-in on this activity.

Until next week!

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