Hi there 👋,

I'm absolutely loving working on Keywords in Sheets at the moment. We just dropped a new update last week which makes it easy to get rankings across near 70 countries directly in Sheets.

You can see the video tutorial here.

In addition to that you can also get top search results, top search titles, related searches and SERP similarity scores in Sheets.

I'm now releasing updates almost every week, as we aim to create the building blocks for you to create your own SEO templates and tools in Google Sheets. I'd say around 80% of the stuff I release will ultimately be free and open source.

I'm launching a few free utility updates this week such as "row to col" which can take comma-separated values in a row and return a single column of values.

Please reach out if you have feature requests!

My Post of the Week is from Logan Bryant - fast becoming the SEO testing guru.

He describes 5 tests that might seem a bit 'untestworthy.' But just because you can't split-test in the typical sense with statistical significance, doesn't mean you can't garner leading signals. I also love how he visualises low -> high confident SEO experiments too - check it out here.

Until next week!

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