Hi there 👋,

It's our 200th issue this week! Where does the time go. I've been writing this thing since August 2018. If you've stuck around to listen to my ramblings, it's very much appreciated! 🙏

If you were around for last week's edition you'll know I've just recently launched Formula God - and we're officially launching on Product Hunt on Thursday. We'd love your support - be notified here. 🎉

Our Post of the Week is a slide deck from Fabrizio Ballarini at the Barcelona International Search Summit (wish I was there to see it - I love Barcelona).

He talks about how Wise tracks over 200k keywords, across their own domains as well as websites in their portfolio such as affiliates.

It's a superb process. 👏 and he breaks it down to what SERP APIs they use to manage it at scale, as well as what they do with their data. For example, they might reach out to a website for partnership opportunities if they're not in their portfolio and the revenue estimate is above a certain level - it's seriously advanced stuff. 🔥

Until next week!

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