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Some of the largest websites in the world are now using AI to write some of their content., one of the largest finance sites on the web has now started using AI to write some of its content. They're pretty transparent about it too, the AI author has the byline " This article was generated using automation technology and thoroughly edited and fact-checked by an editor on our editorial staff."

Interesting. They're doing pretty well too, check out Kevin Indig's analysis of the content!. What do you think, would you trust this content? πŸ€”

In other news, our Post of the Week is an interesting interview by Glen Allsopp on the success of, a review site founded by Robert Brandl. The site recorded annual revenues of $3.8M USD, with just 6 employees, making it one of the Financial Times’ 1,000 fastest-growing businesses in Europe for 2022.

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