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Surprise, surprise, another AI-dominated issue this week as Google calls in Larry Page and Sergey Brin to deal with the threat of openAI. @SalluMandya has been testing out Google's chatGPT rival, LamDA, and hasn't been impressed so far though!

My Post of the Week is the The State of Technical SEO Report from Women in Tech SEO and Aira, which aggregates the insight from over 500 SEOs and 23 expert contributors. Definitely a few surprises in there, such as only 14% of technical SEOs being part of tech/engineering teams, despite 86% saying they work alongside tech/engineering teams.

And one stat we can all empathise with...31% of SEOs said it took 12 months or longer for an SEO change to be made on-site! 😬

A brilliant piece of research as usual. Check it out! 🙌

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