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Some awesome articles in the last two weeks. In this edition we've got some techy brilliance from Trevor Fox showing you step-by-step on how to create a database, import Semrush data into it, and query it using SQL (using examples). In addition to that we talk about how search works, the history of PageRank, and an amazing deck by Aleyda Solis showing you how to embed AI bots into your SEO processes.

Our Post of the Week is by Alex Johnson and Tory Gray. I stumbled upon their new, fantastic templates over the last week and I think you'll love them. They've created a keyword matrix and content planning template using Airtable - a powerful spreadsheet-database hybrid tool that'll streamline your content production and help you stay on top of your SEO strategy. They're letting you download the template and use it as a starting point for your projects. While it's currently mortgage lender-focused, you can easily adapt it to fit your needs. 🔥

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