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While it looks like Google is in a bit of a standstill with Bard (I mean, any news?), OpenAI is set to release GPT-4 this week - and it will be multimodal. Here's a pretty good tweet on what that means in laymans terms.

There has also been some awesome conferences in the last couple of weeks (that I've missed, sadly) but I've curated some of my favourite slides in this week's issue.

My Post of the Week is by Glen Allsopp who has created an outrageously detailed piece of research on how 16 companies are dominating global search results.

Here's a pretty staggering quote:

"Across 10,000 terms where affiliates are ranking, which cover products in every niche you can think of (home, beauty, tech, automotive, cooking, travel, sports, education and many more), these 16 companies ranked on the first page of 8,421 (or 84%) of them."

It also includes 44 specific insights on everything they’ve said on AI, from its impact on SEO to how they plan to use it for content creation, as well as the acquisition of various sites and their niches, and successful strategies for events.

A must read 🔥

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