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It's been 6 months since Google's last broad core algorithm update, and last week they rolled out a new one. As always, you can check out the search algorithm history here and we'll keep you posted when we see any useful reports on the impact on sites.

In the last week, there was also the highly anticipated announcement of GPT-4. I've been fortunate enough to get BETA access, and it is similar to the previous models in many ways but doesn't seem to hallucinate as much, and the content output is far superior. If you're sleeping on this stuff, now is seriously the time to explore what LLMs can do to make your SEO processes more efficient.

To help with that, both Google and Microsoft will be embedding AI into their suite of products:

-> Google announcement

-> Microsoft announcement

Now back to this week's issue! My Post of the Week is by Ian Nuttall who shares a fascinating case study on how he acquired a $50k website, lost 50% of its traffic, and then managed to save and grow it to $6k/month. 🔥

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