Not a load of links this week, but quality over quantity eh!

Our post of the week is actually an interview with Kevin Indig from the guys at ContentKing. Much like this issue it's quite short, but the message is pretty powerful nonetheless.

Kevin talks about an agile approach to SEO:

"The full agency SEO audits have to stop. The time in which you wait 1-2 months for an audit with 30-40 recommendations is over."

I'd say the majority of you reading this issue still carry out an all singing all dancing technical audit covering every issue you can think of. That's cool, and it's still got value, but do we really need to do it? Is it overwhelming for the client, and is it an inefficient use of client budget?

What if we only gave the client 3-4 recommendations, but really went to town on them. Surely, that's a better approach right? I also think by minimising the volume of technical recommendations, it allows you to better understand and report on progress. Measuring and reporting on 3 issues, is a hell of a lot easier than 100.

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Andrew Charlton

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