I'm banging the drum of web performance again this week. Mainly because it interests me, but also because I don't really know where it fits?

I've been doing SEO for some time now, from SMEs to enterprise clients, working with development teams both in-house and external. And still...I'm confused as to who truly owns page speed optimisation.

Don't get me wrong, for some of the largest clients, there are front-end teams that take care of this stuff extremely well but If we take those guys out the equation, there's a widespread under-appreciation of web performance.

For the majority of clients, I think this can ultimately sit with us. We just need to get better at it, and the only way we can do that is to learn from the best out there. To get you started, I've featured one of my all-time favourite 3 part blog post series this week on Why Perceived Performance Matters. The article uses principles of psychology to understand user's perception of page speed, and how we can optimise for it.

Andrew Charlton

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