Good morning Weekly SEOs. It's my favourite time of year, when AJ Kohn writes another awesome blog post. Whenever he puts pen to paper, I feel like I'm always learning something new.

As an industry, we've come along way from simple keyword research. This is because of how Google's algorithm has evolved over time to become more complex. Now, we need to understand the intent behind keywords, or clusters of keywords, to understand what it is a user really wants.

The issue here is that it's rather difficult to understand the intent behind keywords at scale. To do this, AJ Kohn describes looking at the patterns of words that make up queries to uncover query classes. These are generally made up of a root term and a modifier, something like 'holiday homes in Spain'.

He then uses rank indices to track the aggregate rank of a basket of keywords which make up the query class. This is such a neat way of understanding groups of queries which have the same intent - it can be done at scale, because they are repeatable.

If you don't read anything else this week, read this. He also features a fabulous presentation from MozCon on Search-Driven Content Strategies which I'd recommend you read.

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