Sorrrrrrrrryyyy, I've had a week off the Weekly SEO. Now I'm back at it and have a delightful array of posts.

Our Post of the Week comes from Chris Green of StrategiQ, and the following quote does a brilliant job of summing the post up:

"The minute you stop being aware you need to improve your knowledge, skill or understanding of SEO, is the moment you start being incompetent."

According to Chris, unconscious incompetence is when you stop thinking critically about your actions. Of course there are core incompetencies such as leaving a sitewide noindex on a website, but the moment you stop being curious is when things really start to get destructive.

As SEOs we should be curious about recreating results, curious about reviewing outcomes, and curious to understand the inner workings of search engines. To help you kickstart your critical thinking, it's worth reading over, and perhaps following, a great framework I've recently been introduced to; Paul-Elder Critical Thinking Framework.

Cheers to being curious 🍺

Andrew Charlton


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