I've just came back from my honeymoon to a wave of new Weekly SEO subscribers, so hey! 👋

To our existing subscribers, you'll know I'm busy writing my first piece of content. I'm now 1,000 words down, and looking forward to putting it out in the open. There's some controversial thinking, so I hope it opens up new debate in the industry.

One of which is my growing opposition to broad auditing approaches. At MozCon, Areej AbuAli delivered a fantastic 182 slide presentation (impressive) about a case where she delivered a 60 page technical audit. Only some of her recommendations were ever implemented, and others were implemented incorrectly. Traffic plummeted as a result, but she learned a great deal in the process.

This is a common story, right? Auditing in this way is a massively inefficient use of our time. We need to improve our understanding of the problem; use our intuition, as well as data, and recommend less but deliver stronger recommendations.

Andrew Charlton

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