I thought I'd lead this week's issue with a bit of a rant on how Google is stripping back the information we have available. Google made an update to how Search Console reports query data around two weeks back. Now, and going-forward, Google is removing 'anonymous' queries, defined as those which have only been searched for by a small number of users, from the data when a user applies a filter.

The impact of this change varies from one website to the next, but in the main, it has made it a nightmare for reporting year-on-year data when using filters. Our data is now completely skewed. There are ways in which we can still get accurate year-on-year data by summing last year's query data as opposed to using Google's aggregated values, but it's a bit of a work around - If anyone has an easy way to resolve this, I'm all ears. 👂

Google followed this update by moving Search Console out of Beta. Despite it being a lot of prettier, in my opinion, unless there are equivalent features migrated from the old Search Console to the new, it will be lacking. I just hope Google doesn't yet again withhold useful information, that'll add more guess work to our projects.

Andrew Charlton

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