It's been a funny old week in SEO. Google mirrored their favicon mobile search design onto desktop and then reverted the change when they received a barrage of negative feedback (not sure I've seen them revert a change as big as this so quickly before). They're looking at new placements for favicons over the coming weeks.

They also made a change to featured snippets by deduplicating results. If you achieve a featured snippet, no longer shall you own the featured snippet as well as a piece of real estate in organic listings. I've got mixed feelings on this. It's likely a positive change if you never had a featured snippet for a query, but likely a negative change if you did. Hm. If you've got any data on the impact of the change, please send it my way!

SEO Twitter wasn't all negative last week, there were also some super useful advice and case studies like this one from Hamlet Batista - showing the world how to do agile SEO.

Andrew Charlton

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