I'm baaaaack - I took a week off last week, so this post is long overdue - sorry!

In the midst of doing nothing but lounging in the sun on my holiday, it seems I've missed a flurry of mobile-first-index notifications. Interesting... ☀️

With this latest batch of notifications, it appears Google has become impatient with the web. Even some of my clients with non mobile-friendly websites now have mobile-first indexing enabled, and I've heard rumours of Google Search Console properties for websites that don't even exist anymore receiving notifications. Has Google just pushed a button?

I highly doubt that this is a straight switch to mobile-first indexing from the point of being notified. I'm yet to check any logs, but I'd imagine there'll be an increasing number of Google smartphone logs from the previous month, so any changes from the mobile-first-index should be progressive. Have you seen any immediate changes in organic visibility?

P.S this weekly series has started to quickly grow in popularity, so thanks to everyone for taking the time out to share it :)

Andrew Charlton

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