Last week marked Google's 20th Birthday, and with that they outlined how they're going to improve search in the next 20 years. It's exciting, if not a little bit scary!

They described 3 fundamental shifts in how they're going to be thinking about search going forward:

  • The shift from answers to journeys.
  • The shift from queries to providing a queryless way to get to information.
  • And the shift from text to a more visual way of finding information.

Where does it looks like Google is heading? Well, with the introduction of smarter ways to retrace search history and an improved content discovery platform, Google is transitioning from being 'search-only.'

They want users to not only use the search engine as a means of finding information, but to re-engage with that information along longer journey's such as planning a trip, or buying a house. Google holds more information than all of the libraries in the world combined. Using this data, their discovery engine will help make it easier for users to find new content aligned to their interests, without searching for it.

How do we plan for a future where we'll have less control than we already do?

Andrew Charlton

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