Hey there!

When i looked back at the posts I curated last week, I knew this was going to be a very useful issue. Awesome resources and new tools from AI image compression to exporting up to 50,000 rows from search console for free!

My Post of the Week is one of the most impressive articles I've read in a while by Ross Simmonds. It's an incredibly detailed breakdown of how Canva acquired 4+ million backlinks and over 270 million visitors a year, and how you can replicate their tactics to drive results too! 🔥

I'm not sure if I'm going to consistently do this but here is an interesting Twitter thread I've read in the last week too:

"How I lowered the page load time of from 18 seconds to 2.75 seconds with no development work".

And I've also been busy trying to do a thread of my own (although I've missed a few days). I've been sharing 1 SEO tip per day for 30 days - 2 more to go!

Andrew Charlton