Hey SEOrs. πŸ‘‹

What a week of ups and downs in the wonderful world of SEO! Google had an indexing system failure that caused search results to glitch (and widespread panic) and there's also been rumours of a large algorithm update on the 15th August (or perhaps another glitch; who knows?)

Anyways. Though shalt not concern thyself with algorithm updates. We just do what's best by the user, right? Simple?

In other news, I really wanted to share my new article today but I decided to write some more. Hold tight! 🀞

Our Post of the Week isn’t strictly to do with SEO but it’ll ultimately affect us all in one way or the other. The brilliant Simo Ahava introduces server-side tagging in Google Tag Manager with an almighty post! Will this change the landscape of digital analytics? I think so.

Until next time!

Andrew Charlton



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