Okay...we're back to a Monday!

I've been quietly working day and night on launching a new product/service that should hopefully go some way to simplify forecasting for SEO teams. All will be revealed in next week's issue, so hold tight 😬 Like my blog posts, you'll be seeing it before anyone else!

A bit of a Microsoft heavy week as I've been keenly following their investments in AI. Bing might be some way behind Google's market share but they do some seriously cool things and are very open in speaking about them.

Also in this issue, I've chosen a tool for my Post of the Week - which is an unusual choice for me. BUT this one's awesome from Zack Notes. I absolutely love simple products with clean UI and this definitely ticks those boxes. Input a search query and compare site speed across search results. πŸ”₯

Have a great week! πŸ‘‹

Andrew Charlton



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