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Following some further clarification on what in the...passages are, I thought I had a, somewhat, clearer idea of what they’re going to be used for. That was until I read this thread from Patrick Stox.

He believes we could see a fundamental shift in how SERPS look, as Google can now identify key areas of content, create their own summaries and cite and link to parts of pages that cover the topic. Mind blown 🧠πŸ’₯

There’s been some more nuggets from SEO Twitter too. Stephen Kenwright creates a mammoth thread with a list of free/cheap SEO tools that make your life easier!

Finally, My Post of the Week from Rand is an awesome article on how he has entirely reversed course on building an internal team vs. using agencies, consultants, and contractors. My view is that the most effective SEO strategies have clear synergy between internal teams and partners. Both bring out the best in each other.

That’s it! Have a great week.

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