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Theme of the week: SEO A/B testing.

AJ Kohn published: The Comforting Mirage of SEO A/B Testing (my Post of the Week) last week. While the article wasn't completely against A/B testing in SEO it did raise some valid limitations, such as sample size requirements, getting the right sampling in each cohort and differences in pages being indexed in each cohort.

This sparked a healthy debate.

Will Critchlow, CEO of SearchPilot, an SEO A/B testing platform, countered equally with some great points.

There's also another post in this issue by Trevor Fox, who offers another take on how to do A/B tests.

Hopefully the debate introduced A/B testing to a wider audience and improved testing methodologies going-forward. I think it did.

Have a great week! πŸ™Œ

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