Hi there πŸ‘‹,

Last week I dropped a preview of what my Keywords in Sheets add-on can do. The demo shows me getting search volume for "offices in [location]" for every location in the UK, in around 5 seconds.

The search volume function will service over 50k locations worldwide, directly in Sheets. And I'm reasonably confident I'll publish the BETA in May. I'll keep you posted! πŸ‘€

In other Post of the Week is from the brilliant Adam Gent who shares and analyses his interviews with 15 in-house SEOs on working with development teams. He describes 5 key lessons and insights:

  • Leadership buy-in
  • Team structure and culture
  • Clear Documentation
  • Documentation over conversations
  • Develop Developer Partnerships

I found this super insightful, particularly to see how other SEOs work. A must read! πŸ”₯

Until next week!

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