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A couple of weeks back Google launched a beginner's Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. SEO is a small part of one of seven modules and without knowing the course content in detail, I was supportive at the time. Introducing more people to SEO is a good thing...right?

I was wrong. Google actually went against their own advice and published recommendations like writing more than 300 words to avoid keyword stuffing and keeping your keyword density below 2% (I'm paraphrasing but you get the gist).

It's worth saying that these recommendations have since been removed and Google's search team have recommended ignoring the advice (as it didn't come from them). Weird how it got to that point though? Barry Adams has a great take on this in of our curated articles this week.

Our Post of the Week is a mega Core Web Vitals Study by the team at Advanced Web Ranking. They analysed 3 million web pages from the top 20 Google search results to determine whether CWVs matter in search. Well worth a read!

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