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Last week the Airbnb CEO said, "What the pandemic showed is that we can take marketing down to zero and still have 95% of the same traffic as the year before." Many SEOs jumped on this to hail the longevity of SEO but there's more to it than that.

Reflecting my own thoughts, Steven van Vessum, wrote a great thread highlighting the fact that the majority of Airbnb's organic traffic is either brand or navigational.

Does mean that SEOs aren't responsible for brand? No. Does this mean Airbnb aren't doing some great things re. non-branded organic traffic? No (check out this awesome article from Ross Simmonds) but context definitely matters - don't take quotes like this at face value!

Airbnb aside, my Post of the Week is a fantastic series of posts by Justin Briggs on internal linking. I've had to re-read it around 10 times to wrap my head around it but some his thoughts on modelling Pagerank in the third article in the series featured below are seriously smart!

Here are the first two articles in the series:

  1. Internal Link Analysis with Python
  2. Working With Large Internal Link Graphs in Python

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