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Huge news last week as Google announced that Universal Analytics will stop processing hits from July 1, 2023 😲 What's more, they're removing the data. While you can export it, there doesn't seem to be a way to migrate that data over to Google Analytics 4.

There are benefits to GA4, but the UI is horrible and is difficult to get the data we need. Eg. tried finding organic landing pages in there?

So what do you do? Move platform or make the switch to GA4 ASAP to retain as much historical data as possible. I'm not sure where I sit yet. Hoping that more features are added or this is pushed back 🙏

In happier news, our Post of the Week is brilliant. Adam Gent walks through, in detail, how SEOs can use backlog management to get things done. He's super knowledgable on product management and simplifies complex processes with diagrams and examples. 💡

Until next week!

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