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There's been quite some debate on the use of AI content in search results in the last week or so (and longer), with Search Advocate John Mueller stating content generated automatically using AI writing tools is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

That might be the case when its intention is manipulation, but I do think AI content will ultimately have a place - it's just that good. From hundreds of tests, some of the content is just plain wrong which in YMYL results could be extremely damaging. But in other verticals, I think it could be a good way to scale content, as long as there's a manual review process. What are your thoughts?

Following the launch of v1 in 2020, Hannah Butler has made significant updates to Search Console Explorer Studio. v2 Search Console Explorer Studio (Google Data Studio) is my Post of the Week and includes comparing performance, consolidating potential keyword cannibalisation and embeddable tools to easily create your own REGEX. Amazing! 🔥

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