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Remember when Google announced they only crawl the first 15mb of a page? Well...they were inundated with questions, so they've written a post to clarify: Googlebot and the 15 MB thing. Everything is good...we can move on now.

My Post of the Week is from one my favourite writers: Ryan Law. His latest article, The Winner Doesn’t Take It All: ‘Information Gain’ and the New Future of SEO, talks about the concept of 'information gain'; where Google rewards articles containing information other articles don’t.

The future of search is personalised - and advantageous for underdogs. Where articles users haven't read, that provide new information, are surfaced. In this new world of search, you can compete with the search juggernauts by being different, not better.

A must read 🔥

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P.s I've just released a questions function into Keyword in Sheets. Find out more here.

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