Kevin Indig published a new post over the weekend, and much like AJ Kohn he's someone who's writing has really interested me in the time I've been doing The Weekly SEO.

In his new post he brings up an interesting point that there are two different types of websites; centralised and decentralised, and they require individual approaches to internal linking optimisation.

Centralised websites are those which don't have scalable page templates and generally consist of landing pages where as decentralised websites such as Pinterest and Airbnb include groups of homogenous pages they can use at scale.

Building internal linking strategies to fit both business models makes a lot of sense, but this is the first post of its kind that I've read which thinks critically about internal linking. We generally see and read multiple processes but none that necessarily fit into a wider linking strategy, so I very much think this approach is a huge step forward.

This post is also a prequel to his post in December: Internal Link Optimization with TIPR which explores a better way to calculate internal PageRank.

Andrew Charlton



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