Howdy, hope you all had a great Easter! 🐰

Following the travel search trends dashboard I featured a couple of issues ago, I've been hard at work on a new Data Studio dashboard. It follows daily search trends across three ecommerce verticals in the UK; fashion, food and home.


I very much hope you enjoy it and get some value out of it! I'll also be publishing a post reporting on some of the trends today on our blog.

In addition to my own trends reports, there have been a whole host of others worth exploring. Here's a few I love:

Yext Insights: The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Search and Consumer Behavior

Hubspot Benchmark Data: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales and Marketing Performance [Updated Weekly]

Search Trends after COVID-19 by SEOMONITOR

Have a great week, and stay safe!

Andrew Charlton

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